BackSpace booking and cancellation policy

  1. All patients are to give 24 hours’ notice of cancellation 
  2. Patients will be emailed all details of their appointment within a day of booking their appointment. This email stipulates the cancellation policy and all appointment details 
  3. Patients are sent an initial confirmation SMS at least 48 hours prior to their appointment, to which they are to reply to confirm or cancel their appointment 
  4. If the patient does not respond to the confirmation SMS, they will receive a second SMS prior to their appointment. If this isn’t acknowledged by COB the day before their appointment, the patient is to be called and a note left on their Nookal file.  
  5. If the patient does not respond to all contact attempts and the appointment is not confirmed – they are then set as ‘DID NOT ARRIVE’ in the diary so that their appointment comes up in red on the schedule. The idea is that we do not delete them from the diary so that it is clear they have not confirmed. There is a chance the patient may still arrive on the day; in which case we can only do our best to accommodate but there is never any guarantee that we will see that patient. 
  6. If a patient cancels within 24 hours, they will incur a 50% cancellation fee, unless authorised by the clinic coordinator or directors see item 7 
  7. There may be extenuating circumstances, VIP status, payee restrictions (WorkCover, DVA, Private Insurer) that may warrant a no charge. This is to be determined by the clinical coordinator and/or directors in the interests of the patient care, Backspace brand and clinical team.  
  8. If a patient reschedules their appointment with less than 24 hours’ notice, they can be charged see  
  9. If 2-week & 6-week post-op patients give less than 24 hours’ notice of cancellation, they will forfeit their deposit paid see item 7 
  10. Patients who do not attend appointments they have confirmed will be charged the cancellation fee see item 7 
  11. Each clinician is to be informed of patient cancellations or rescheduled appointments, and fees are to be charged dependent on item 7 
  12. These fees that can be recovered are paid in full to the clinician, and Backspace accepts the loss. If fees are unable to be recovered clinicians are not paid  
  13. Cancellation fees are to be invoiced as a percentage of the individual fee, not as a percentage of the combined fee. 

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