The Concept

Spinal stress reactions and fractures, to the pars interarticularis and pedicle, are common in the growing athlete but are poorly understood and variably treated. There is evidence that bracing and rehabilitation can be effective in certain cases. Our goal is to establish and disseminate clear, evidence-based diagnosis and treatment guidelines, and audit the outcomes.

This website presents our current diagnosis and treatment protocol. We encourage you to critically review, provide feedback and enrol patients into our audit if you feel it is appropriate. 

The Study Group

Our study group comprises; 

A/Prof Paul Licina (orthopaedic spine surgeon)
Dr Mark Young (sports physician)
Mr Chris Brady (specialist sports physiotherapist)
Dr Tobias Bruksch-Domanski (sports and exercise medicine registrar)
Dr David Lisle (musculoskeletal radiologist)
Dr Morgan McMeniman (sports radiologist)
Ms Chelsea Lehmann (clinical research assistant)
Ms Emma Johnston (clinical research assistant)


This clinical tool and treatment protocol is designed to recognise and treat stress reactions and fractures of the pars, it is not meant to be a screening tool for all childhood and adolescent back pain. If you are concerned by red flags and suspect a sinister pathology please consult elsewhere. The advice given is general and based on current evidence. It does not take into account specific patient variables and expert advice should be sought when formulating individualised management plans. Please contact us for further advice on spinal stress fractures or consult elsewhere.



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