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Start your journey towards pain-free living with our spine treatments

designed to help at every stage of your recovery.

Meet our team

The BackSpace team are allied health experts and medical professionals
dedicated to every aspect of your spine care.




Exercise physiologists

Massage therapists

Spine specialists

Clinical Nurses

At BackSpace we have ready access to a world class hospital, state of the art imaging facilities

and a wide range of professionals including psychologists, dieticians and medical specialists.

Comprehensive, prompt
treatment for your back pain

At BackSpace, we focus on tailoring and coordinating a clear, well structured
treatment path specifically designed for you, and your particular type of back pain.

All in one place

Our clinicians all work together in a state of the art rehabilitation facility which is located in a major hospital, providing access to specialists, imaging and inpatient treatment if required.

Tailored for you

You will be assessed and a treatment plan will be designed just for you, taking into account your condition, your lifestyle and your goals, and will be monitored and modified during your recovery.

Multidisciplinary team

Our clinic integrates all the practitioners and therapists that are needed to provide complete and comprehensive care for your spinal condition.

Experts in our field

The clinicians are all highly trained and respected spine professionals who provide expert treatment based on the latest research and clinical guidelines.

Co-ordinated care

Our team members work together closely and communicate regularly to ensure that they each understand your condition and treatment plan and can work together efficiently.

Clinical Nurse

You will have access to a clinical nurse who will guide you through your treatment, facilitate communication between the clinicians and be there for you during your recovery.

Conditions we treat

With experience in all conditions of the spine, the friendly team

at BackSpace will help find the correct treatment for you.

Sciatica and nerve pain

Sciatica is nerve pain down the leg from a compressed or inflamed nerve in the back. Similarly, arm pain can arise from the neck. It can be associated with signs of nerve damage such as numbness or weakness. It is most commonly due to a disc herniation but can be due to degeneration or occasionally a more serious spinal problem. Nerve pain needs specific treatment depending on the diagnosis and can include injections or surgery. It is important that nerve pain be diagnosed promptly and correctly so that the right treatment can be started quickly to avoid long term problems.

Back and neck pain

Back pain is the most common cause of disability but is often poorly understood and treated. It is usually not serious and settles quickly but can sometimes be due to a more significant underlying problem and go on for many months. It is important to carefully assess the problem with a history and physical examination and in many cases, a scan. Once the condition is diagnosed, an appropriate comprehensive treatment plan can be developed in order to improve the pain and restore function as quickly as possible. Neck pain is less common but benefits from the same co-ordinated approach.


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