Our physiotherapists will assess you, diagnose your problem, and formulate a treatment plan which may include correcting biomechanical abnormalities, modifying your movement patterns, improving your posture and developing guidelines for return to normal activity.


Senior Physiotherapist

Stephen has been a physiotherapist for more than 30 years and has practised in the orthopaedic and spinal field for most of this time. He works with many leading surgeons and am involved with co-ordinating their patients’ rehabilitation after injury and surgery. He is the senior physiotherapist at BackSpace and ensures that each patient has a tailored rehabilitation plan for their particular problem.


Senior Physiotherapist

Peta has been a physiotherapist for 15 years caring for patients in intensive care, general surgery, general medical, orthopaedics (including spinal), urology and cardiorespiratory areas. She is a senior physiotherapist at BackSpace and is largely involved in patient rehabilitation before and after surgery. She has also been involved in research projects to develop the most effective post-surgery rehabilitation protocols.



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Exercise physiologists

Our exercise physiologists will look at your lifestyle and goals, and design an exercise programme taking into account the physiotherapy recommendations. They will prescribe the right exercises, show you how to do them and monitor your progress during your recovery.


Exercise physiologist

Felicity is an exercise physiologist who prescribes exercise-based treatments for patients at BackSpace. Her interest in rehabilitation developed following a 15-year career as a gymnast. She Graduated from QUT in 2016 and has worked at BackSpace since its opening in 2017. Outside of BackSpace, she also assists with managing her family’s gym and enjoys traveling overseas with friends and family.

Massage therapists

Our remedial massage therapists will treat painful and tight areas with massage and stretching, based on the problems identified by the other therapists. They will decrease pain, release muscle tension and release tight tissues to decrease pain and speed up your recovery.


Massage therapist

Ilve is one of our massage therapists at Backspace and has been working in the complementary healthcare industry for almost 25 years. Having recently transitioned back to remedial massage, she is passionate about education both through upgrading her own skills and developing educational materials for other complimentary healthcare practitioners. When she’s not busy at work or tending to the acreage property she lives on, Ilve enjoys travelling overseas, collecting and cooking recipes from those destinations or doing belly dancing.


Massage therapist

Vicki is one of the massage therapists at Backspace and is passionate about sports, remedial, pregnancy and relaxation massage. She was once a volunteer massage therapist for the Sydney Football Club and is currently studying to become an exercise physiologist. Her love for sports has driven her to become an avid runner which you’ll find her doing when she’s not at her children’s dance recitals or facetiming her granddaughter in Canada.

Patient Care Facilitator


Patient care facilitator

Kate works with patients at BackSpace who have had surgery and who have complex spinal problems to help guide and support them through their rehabilitation journey. She is a qualified physiotherapist and after graduating from UQ, worked as a physiotherapist for 4 years and then was a sales representative for a spinal implant company for almost 10 years. She loves overseas travel (especially to any ski destination!), music, running, outdoor activities and food. She has two young girls and a cute French bulldog named Fred.

Administrative staff


Clinical coordinator

Grace or Gracie-Lee depending on who you ask, is the clinical coordinator for Backspace. She is currently studying biomedical science at Griffith University with a plan to study medicine in the future. Previously she was a real estate sales agent and has had an array of businesses and worked in varying industries which has helped shape the character you see today. She is the proud stepmother to two beautiful teenage girls, a cat and dog and fiancé to a builder. When she has a minute to herself she enjoys yoga and surfing but finding that minute can sometimes be a little difficult so she fills that void with food which makes her happy – especially cheeseburgers and banana bread.

Spine specialists

We are affiliated with SpinePlus, a group of medical specialists who treat spinal disorders. They include Dr Paul Licina, spine surgeon, Dr Brendan Moore, pain physician, Dr Ben Manion, rehabilitation physician and Dr Angus Forbes, occupational physician.


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