Privacy Policy 

The Privacy Act requires us to inform you about the information we will collect about you and what we will do with this information.  

What information will we collect:

  1. Your personal details
  2. Details of the condition we are treating
  3. Your medical history
  4. A passport-type photo of you (if applicable)

What we will do with the information:

1.     Provide you with quality health care

The information will be used to properly assess, diagnose and treat you

2.     Communication with others involved in your care

A letter outlining the outcome of your consultation will be sent to your referring doctor, and other therapists involved in your care, as well as any doctor or therapist you are referred to throughout your treatment. Within our group of practices, this includes specialists at SpinePlus and Axxon Pain Medicine. It may also include external specialists and therapists involved in your care.

3.     Administrative purposes

This includes maintenance of records and billing, being contracted for any purpose relating to your medical care, and the possibility of information being forwarded to a collection agency in the event of an outstanding account.

4.     Research and education

Your therapist is involved in teaching, research, and quality assurance. He/she may take photographs of your x-rays or operation and use them for teaching purposes. Your name will NOT be disclosed.

Your care will involve the collection of information about your treatment including your progress, frequency,` and nature of your treatment. Information collected may be used for research. 

All information collected and utilised will be deidentified. We respect your privacy and will not disclose your information in any other way without your permission.

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