Acute assessment

If you develop severe back or neck pain or have a spinal injury, the team at BackSpace has the expertise and resources to look after you. We can perform a thorough assessment, make a diagnosis and start the most appropriate treatment for your condition immediately. Our allied health professionals have access to nurses, medical specialists, radiology facilities and even inpatient care to work out what is wrong and how best to treat it in a prompt and comprehensive way.


The right rehabilitation after spinal surgery and injection procedures is essential to achieving the best outcome. The team at BackSpace specialise in designing personalised rehabilitation programmes and supervising you through your path to recovery. We work alongside leading spine surgery and pain clinics to care for their patients after operations and pain procedures, as well as patients who do not require surgery but need a clear and structured rehabilitation plan.

Back health

A healthy spine is important for general well-being, to prevent back and neck injuries and to help the body deal with the normal degenerative process associated with ageing. Keeping your spine healthy requires a personalised team approach, taking into account your age, your level of fitness, any health issues you may have as well as the activities you perform in daily life and sports. The BackSpace team can take all this into account and advise you the best way to keep your spine in good shape for the future.

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