Back pain is a very common issue but can be quite challenging to treat, because there can be many different causes, and you might need to see a number of different people. Sometimes, it might take you a while to find the right treatment with the right clinicians, meaning you waste time and money and most importantly, you end up taking longer than needed to get better.

BackSpace is all about helping you overcome your back problems as efficiently and effectively as possible, giving you access to everyone and everything you need, all in one place. We have a team of allied health professionals who have access to expert medical specialists, the latest radiology services and world-class hospital facilities. The focus is on tailoring a clear and well-structured treatment path, designed specifically for you and your type of back pain, with each team member working together to help you recover.

Dr Paul Licina

Spine Surgeon
MBBS(HONS) FRACS(Orth)FAOA Adjunct Associate Professor (QUT)

Dr Brendan Moore

Specialist Pain Medicine Physician
Specialist Anaesthetist



We are both senior medical specialists who have been involved in treating patients with spinal problems for many years. We were often frustrated by how long it took our patients to get the right treatment, and the fact that we weren’t able to guide the ongoing rehabilitation after our spinal surgery or pain management. As well, we often saw that the rehabilitation that patients received was not always structured in a way that was based on a clear diagnosis or an evidence-based individualised treatment plan. We felt that patients with spinal problems deserved better, which prompted us to set up Backspace, a unique clinic comprising a group of expert clinicians and therapists all working together in one place, delivering medically supervised treatment to get the best possible outcome.

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