Meet Patrick – Research Coordinator at BackSpace

Who am I?

My name is Pat Beaumont and I am currently completing an Honours degree in Exercise and Sports Science at the University of the Sunshine Coast. I graduated from a Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science in 2019 and have been a part of the BackSpace team since 2021.

Why did I join the BackSpace team? 

I joined BackSpace with a keen interest in musculoskeletal research, albeit with little experience. However, the unique environment found at BackSpace allowed me to develop my skills amongst like-minded practitioners who all shared in my curiosity.

What is my research?

There are several key projects being undertaken by Dr Licina and the research team. One involves the development of a functional assessment tool that can be used to assess a person’s physical capacity following a spinal fusion, and the other has to do with observing the physical effects of a novel neurostimulator offered to patients who aren’t eligible for spine surgery. Currently, my primary role is to oversee the journey of each participant through their respective study.  

How is this going to be done?

When patients participate in a study, we ask that they complete a series of tests which are designed to assess their physical capacity. This involves movements assessing their trunk strength, overall standing balance, as well as their flexibility. They then repeat these tests after receiving their intervention, which then allows us to measure their improvements over time.

What does BackSpace Research Team hope to achieve?

The research being conducted at BackSpace is designed to answer a question that is relevant to the current clinical practice. Regardless of the particular study, our objective is to uncover new methods of improving the quality of care for our patients.

What are your goals for your future career?

In future I hope to gain admission into one of the Graduate entry Doctor of Medicine programs offered across Australia.


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